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​A Godfroy Family Tree

Blue Boxes represent US treaty signers​

Colonel Gabriel Godfroy exemplifies the ability of fur traders to insinuate themselves into political affairs, including US-Indian relations. He established an early trading post near Ann Arbor, Michigan and used his influence to become colonel in the Michigan Militia, assessor for the city of Detroit, and Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs. His sons Pierre and James expanded the fur trade business as far as Indiana and played a pivotal role in Potawatomi removal.

Other relatives signed treaties at the same nexus of fur trade and political interests. Richard Godfroy and relative Louis Campau plied the fur trade in the Great Lakes region and developed the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Campau's father-in-law Whitmore Knaggs was a neighbor of Lewis Cass and a long time Indian agent. All of these family members were members of Lewis Cass's treaty-making machine.


​​Louis Campau
John F. Godfroy
​George B. Knaggs
​Jacques Lasselle

Gabriel Godfroy
Pierre Godfroy
​Whitmore Knaggs
​James May

​Gabriel Godfroy, Jr.
Richard Godfroy
Antoine Lasselle
Jacob Visger​

​J. J. Godfroy
William H. Godfroy
Hyacinth Lasselle