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Indian Land Tenure FoundationIndian Land Tenure Foundation
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The Relentless Business of Treaties (Martin Case)The Relentless Business of Treaties (Martin Case)
How Indigenous Land Became U.S. Property
The Relentless Business of Treaties (Martin Case)New tab
Download the DataDownload the Data
For scholars and educators:  Download the database and stories from the website for free
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Research GuideAccess the guide to using this website.
Access the guide to using this website.
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The Doctrine of DiscoveryThe Doctrine of Discovery
Land Cession Treaties and US Property Rights
The Doctrine of DiscoveryNew tab
Land SpeculationLand Speculation
The earliest motivation for US expansion.
Land SpeculationIn page navigation
A mechanism by which the US acquired indigenous resources.
TradeIn page navigation
Commodifying the natural world.
ExtractionIn page navigation
Spreading profits and ideology.
TransportationIn page navigation
Kinship ties at the US-Indian treaties.
FamiliesIn page navigation
Social ConnectionsSocial Connections
Associations connecting US treaty signers.
Social ConnectionsIn page navigation
Before the War of 1812Before the War of 1812
US-Indian relations from the Revolution to the first treaties in the Louisiana Purchase.
Before the War of 1812In page navigation
War of 1812 Aftermath, 1814-1818War of 1812 Aftermath, 1814-1818
Treaties establish a new international status quo after British military and trade withdrawal.
War of 1812 Aftermath, 1814-1818In page navigation
1819 to Indian Removal Act (1830)1819 to Indian Removal Act (1830)
Boundary making, negotiated removal, and the rise of St. Louis.
1819 to Indian Removal Act (1830)In page navigation
Removal Era (1830s)Removal Era (1830s)
Ethnic cleansing becomes the official policy of the US.
Removal Era (1830s)In page navigation
Further US Expansion, 1840-1859Further US Expansion, 1840-1859
US boundaries, settlement, and resource extraction reach the Pacific.
Further US Expansion, 1840-1859In page navigation
Civil War to End of Treaty MakingCivil War to End of Treaty Making
Reservations, Railroads, Timber, War, and Peace Commissions
Civil War to End of Treaty MakingIn page navigation
Chouteau FamilyChouteau / Clark
Chouteau / Clark Kinship Group
Chouteau / ClarkNew tab
Cass FamilyCass / Kinzie
Cass / Kinzie Kinship Group
Cass / KinzieNew tab
Jackson FamilyJackson / Bultler
Jackson / Butler Kinship Group
Jackson / BultlerNew tab
Mullanphy FamilyMullanphy / Porter
Mullanphy / Porter Kinship Group
Mullanphy / PorterNew tab
Godfroy FamilyGodfroy Family
Godfroy Kinship Group
Godfrey FamilyNew tab