Before the War of 1812Before the War of 1812
US-Indian relations from the Revolution to the first treaties in the Louisiana Purchase.
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War of 1812 Aftermath, 1814-1818War of 1812 Aftermath, 1814-1818
Treaties establish a new international status quo after British military and trade withdrawal.
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1819 to Indian Removal Act (1830)1819 to Indian Removal Act (1830)
Boundary making, negotiated removal, and the rise of St. Louis.
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Removal Era (1830s)Removal Era (1830s)
Ethnic cleansing becomes the official policy of the US.
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Further US Expansion, 1840-1859Further US Expansion, 1840-1859
US boundaries, settlement, and resource extraction reach the Pacific.
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Civil War to End of Treaty MakingCivil War to End of Treaty Making
Reservations, Railroads, Timber, War, and Peace Commissions
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